Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I nearly went home…

…but I’m pleased I didn’t because I wouldn’t have seen the Fox or the Deer if I had.

Fox doing what comes naturally

He finished what he was doing…

…then walked off and marked his territory

One of four Roe Deer seen today

A young buck

Big Buck


Treecreeper trying to swallow something



Can’t resist Robins

Male Reed Bunting

Coal Tit

Saturday, 10 February 2018


Boldon for a Mandarin Duck last Thursday. It did show briefly but preferred to remain hidden most of the time in a clump of reeds. A female Goosander landed on the pond while I was there and this bird was very easy to photograph.


Female Goosander


Thursday, 8 February 2018


I had a canny day at Saltholme yesterday and once again took too many pictures; here are just a few of them.


Take off.


Two LEO (honest) to the left of the one on show you can just make out the other one buried in all the twigs.

Probably the same Kestrel.


Golden Plover.

There was quite a few Golden Plover at Saltholme hide.

Flyby Little Egret.

Female Reed Bunting.

Fox enjoying the sun.

It got its eye on something and was off.

Little Grebe.

Female Shoveler.

Male Shoveler.

Monday, 5 February 2018

“Toggers” aren’t always…

…to blame for disturbing birds. Yesterday (Sunday) I went down to Darlington for the Egrets that have been around a beck there. I found the Great White Egret sitting in a field around a hundred yards from the beck. It was happily cleaning and preening itself when a dog ran out of a hedge and went straight for it. The Egret flew off, circled above me a couple of times then landed in the beck. It had just settled when another dog ran down the bank into the beck and chased it off much to the amusement of the dog’s owners. The Egret flew upstream and was lost to sight. I then went on to see if I could find the Little Egret. I did. It too was sitting in a field cleaning and preening when yet another dog ran straight for it and chased it off. It flew down stream and was again lost to sight. None of the dogs was on a lead and not once did I hear the owners shout to try to get the dogs to stop chasing the birds indeed, as I mentioned earlier one group found it highly amusing. So before some people blame photographers for disturbing birds take a look at dog walkers.

Great White Egret

I relocated the GWE further upstream

Little Egret

A walk around Burdon Moor late afternoon and three Skylarks flew over